The NCAA is not an amateur organization!

Sent to the NCAA comment page today:

Why weren’t the Ohio State players penalized this season for the infractions committed this season?

Since no explanation was given (as always), one can only assume that the NCAA is biased towards larger and more successful schools to the extent that they will break their own rules for those schools.

Everyone knows that NCAA is not an amateur organization.  Rather than supporting the student athlete, the NCAA abuses its athletes by making an obscene amount of money off of TV contracts, and giving a relative pittance to the athletes.

I support Mark Cuban’s efforts to end the BCS.  I hope that the end of the BCS will mean the end of the NCAA.  In the end, Cuban may be just as evil as the NCAA, but at least Cuban will keep everything out in the open.

Your lies no longer fool anyone, NCAA.   The more you try to hide the truth, the more obvious it is to everybody.
Comments?  Am I crazy, or is this obvious to everybody?

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